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About ToughSafety Premium (P.P.E Manufacturer)

We bury the seeds in the year of 2010 under the profile of “Dhel Al Qamar Tr. Est | Your safety is our priority” in the land of Sharjah, U.A.E with the vision that one day with the help of Allah (God) nature seeds turns into the fruitful tree.

Indeed! In nature when seeds are planted, first grow roots based, At that time we come up with the invest in brand idea and our root belongs with the “ToughSafety – We’re tough for your safety”. Alhamdoallah (Thank God),  We sprouted and the scientific name for this process is germination.

If you want to grow the tree you have to give them regular light (Vision) and water (Dedication) otherwise your plant may die, As nature philosophy, so our vision and dedication lead us to develop Personal Protective Brand.

Today, We have an approx. 53 products are tags as ToughSafety Premium & ToughSafety brand. Mostly products are manufactured in our own factories (Al Aqmar Enterprises & Mufaddal Garments)  based in Karachi, Pakistan & Faisalabad, Pakistan and other We do as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) in India and China.

We have a physical sales outlets in Dubai, U.A.E and Karachi, Pakistan and for rest of the world we are online via our ecommerce venture that is www.safetyecom.com.

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Leather Glove & Welding AccessoriesDisposable MaskHi Viz Safety Vest
We deals in all type of Industrial Leather Gloves for. e.g Canadian/707 Single/Double Palm Working Gloves, Heavy Duty Welding Gloves & Premium Quality Driver Gloves) and Welding Leather Accessories (Jackets, Trouser, Apron, Sleeve, & Leg Guard). We deals in all type of N95, FFP1, FFP2 (SLV), FFP3 (SLOV) premium quality disposable dust mask/respiratory with and without valve. We deal is in all type of Stylish, Colorful Hi Viz Executive and General Purpose Safety Vest. We also have Safety Vest with 3M 2515 Reflective Tape.